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Inspecting the Fleet

The Fleet Inspector is key member of the STS team and a pivotal role in our safety provision. So what does a fleet inspector do?

Before our buses take to the road each day, a host of safety checks are underway: drivers and conductors work through their manual checklist which includes emergency exit and seatbelt checks, our vehicle maintenance software ticks away alerting us to servicing and preventative maintenance needs, and the control room alerts drivers to road and driving conditions.

On top of this, our fleet inspectors do the rounds. Fleet inspectors are an essential part of our ‘belt-and-braces’ approach to safe operations. They carry out regular engine, bodywork and internal checks to ensure that each bus in the fleet is correctly maintained and that everything is in line with RTA specifications.

Sethumadhavan K has been with STS for a staggering 28 years and, after working his way through the ranks from driver to driving foreman, he has spent the last 8 years as a fleet inspector. He is also the proud dad to his 3rd Grade daughter and 10th Grade son who are at school in the UAE.

“There are 31 schools [in my jurisdiction] and to me each one is as important as the next. The quality of the service and the safety of the children has to be identical for each school.

“STS has invested in technological advancements like CCTV and GPS. Everything we do is built around the safety and happiness of the children.

“I enjoy my work enormously. Apart from a short six-month period, I have never worked for any other company apart from STS. And I don’t want to work for any other company. I feel blessed.”