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School Requirements

School Services

At STS, we know the importance of close cooperation and transparency when delivering critical transport services to schools and acknowledge that safety, quality and value for money are fundamental to fulfill this requirement.

Requirement: A trusted transport provider who understands the customer’s strategy in order to achieve service excellence.

Solution: Our solution is based on extensive customer service and transport management experience and is supported by our robust integrated management system which governs all aspects of safety, quality and risk management.

Requirement: A transport provider who does not disrupt school operations and can supply solutions that are not only safe but also have a positive impact on brand image and reputation.

Solution: Our values of Safe, Timely, Smart are embedded into everything we do. Our Smart Buses are installed with safety features such as CCTV security systems, GPS, RFID scanners, motion sensors, child check button and many other features.

Requirement: A flexible transport provider that understands the changing needs of the customer and who can adapt and react to the environment accordingly.

Solution: We provide additional transport services for staff and extracurricular activities and ad-hoc transport for school trips and summer camps. We work with openness and transparency to deliver services that are scalable, flexible and responsive.

Requirement: The assurance that students are always safe and protected.

Solution: We maintain our fleet inhouse. All maintenance work is carried out in our purpose-built garages, allowing us to be solely accountable for the safety of students. We carry out regular drug and alcohol testing for all our drivers and regularly monitor their driving hours and fatigue levels.

Requirement: An affordable mode of transport that ensures students arrive at school and home on time.

Solution: We use intelligent route management software to improve bus routes and reduce journey times, ensuring our customers receive the best service quality and value for money. We have dedicated Service Deliver Executives and Managers to assist with planning, monitoring and delivery.

Requirement: A service provider who communicates efficiently and effectively.

Solution: We communicate frequently with our stakeholders through a variety of platforms such as company newsletters, magazines and events like the Safety Ambassador programme. Our dedicated STS App is available to the parent community, providing them with enhanced levels of assurance. We explore opportunities to meet and engage directly with our customers to get to know them better.