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Parent And Student Requirements

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We devote our time to building strong relationships to ensure that we meet customer needs and cultivate long-standing partnerships. For us to do this, we take time to understand the explicit and the implicit needs of our stakeholders.

Requirement: Student safety throughout the bus journey and a feeling of being in a safe and protected environment.

Solution: Students travelling with us are briefed on the bus’s safety features and taught how and when to use them. Our bus drivers and bus guardians are responsible for making sure that students are comfortable and safe at all times.

Requirement: Friendly and trusting staff who understand the importance of personalised customer service.

Solution: Our bus drivers and bus guardians are trained to deliver the highest standards of customer service and create the right environment for social interaction and aide the development of resilience and independence in students.

Requirement: A stable and consistent daily routine.

Solution: We ensure that we use the most efficient routes to get to and from the school. Students are picked up and dropped off at pre-agreed common points at the allocated time.