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Introducing STS Traverse: Discover a Whole New Way to Learn About Road Safety

At STS Group, we have always been committed to promoting road safety awareness among students and the broader community. As a strategic service partner to the education community, we believe it is our responsibility to continuously educate safe road practices in the younger generation. This year, we are proud to unveil our latest initiative: the UAE’s first digital platform for road safety education, called STS Traverse.

STS Traverse is an independent portal, exclusively owned by STS Group, designed to engage the student community within and beyond our network of 87 schools across the GCC. To ensure maximum impact, we have partnered with local regulatory bodies such as KHDA, MOE, Dubai RTA, SRTA, and MoT Qatar. This will enable us to extend the reach of the campaign and educate over 100,000 students during the first year.

Through the digital platform, students will participate in workshops that will cover essential modules on topics such as travel protocol, emergency evacuation procedures, and the proper usage of Personal Mobility Devices like e-Bikes and e-Scooters. Moreover, the gamification platform features interactive games that will teach users how to navigate roads safely, test their reflexes, and expand their knowledge of safety laws.

To ensure a lasting impact, STS Traverse will be integrated into the school curriculum, encouraging students to view road safety as an ongoing responsibility. As they progress through the program, students will be awarded schoolhouse points based on their performance, motivating them to excel in their road safety knowledge and practices.

As we progress through the academic term, the scalable digital platform will evolve to incorporate new modules based on our safety campaigns. We envision STS Traverse creating a generation of Safety Ambassadors who will champion road safety within their communities. This program is not just about educating students; it’s about empowering them to become responsible and safety-conscious citizens of tomorrow.

With STS Traverse, we are excited to embark on a whole new way to learn about road safety, making it engaging interactive, and, most importantly, impactful. We invite the entire community to join us in this transformative journey toward a safer and more responsible society.