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STS Operations Control Centre

Our fleet of Smart Buses are monitored and managed remotely by STS’s Operations Control Centre (OCC). This full-fledged, state-of-the-art control room is uniquely equipped to supervise the functions of the entire fleet of 3,100 buses. A dedicated and trained team monitors the exact location of each bus, the entry and exit of all students throughout the journey.


Our OCC team monitors the movement of all our buses in real time throughout the day ensuring the safety of all those on board.


All buses are installed with internationally acclaimed safety features such as CCTV security systems, GPS, RFID scanners, motion sensors, child check button and many other features. Data from these devices can be seen live on the OCC screens, enabling the team to take immediate action where necessary.


We have a trained and experienced route management team that evaluates and optimises bus routes on a regular basis to provide our customers with timely transport.