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Our Training

Why Sts?

We have extensive experience in the recruitment, management, training and retention of our employees which enables us to provide our stakeholders with confidence in our ability to deliver service excellence.

Dedicated Bus Drivers and Bus Guardians

Each bus route will have a dedicated bus driver and bus guardian who will become a part of the student bus journey. This familiarity between our employees and students will enable a more personalised service and will build a trusting relationship for the school and the parent and student community.

Training Programme

All of our employees understand our values of Safety, Timely, Smart. Our training programmes cover soft skills and the expected standards of how to be a model employee by adhering to our code of conduct. In addition to this, our bus drivers and bus guardians undergo rigorous training programmes in student welfare and road safety management. Our operations and service delivery exceed regulatory requirements, with a focus on safety at the heart of everything we do.

STS Pledge

To ensure student safety throughout the bus journey, all our employees are screened before being recruited. After they complete their training, they take on a pledge to always practice safe driving standards, safeguard the health and safety of students and stay up to date with vehicle safety features and our technology system on board the bus.