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Safety is the first word in everything we do…

We take extensive steps to ensure the security of the children on our buses. We constantly review our safety policies and use industry best practices. We stringently adhere to all of the RTA’s recommendations and specifications, and draw on our years of experience of transporting children in the UAE to ensure the safety of each child, every day.

Some of our safety practices include:

  • Stringent recruitment procedures and thorough background checks
  • Continuous Professional Development. Every driver goes through pre-service training of 30 hours, bi-annual in-service training and regular CPD programmes.
  • Driver performance monitoring. The Training Team monitors driver conduct to assess their skills and attitudes.
  • GPS vehicle monitoring. The Control Room at STS tracks the movement of all vehicles and the driving pattern of all drivers around the clock.
  • Deployment of buses with specifications prescribed by Dubai’s RTA
  • ID Scanners on board all buses to track attendance and ensure each child travels on the correct route
  • Expert and high quality in-house maintenance of buses
  • Daily checks by drivers and bus monitors
  • Regular inspection of buses by Fleet Inspectors
  • Finely tuned incident management procedures to ensure the quickest response times