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New Seatbelt Laws

New UAE Seatbelt Laws Announced

Laws carrying heavy penalties are passed making it compulsory for drivers to ensure that passengers buckle up in their car.

As part of a raft of new road and traffic rules, the UAE Ministry of Interior has announced a big leap forward in road safety for car passengers.

The laws state:

  • everyone travelling in the car MUST wear a seatbelt, regardless of their age and whether they are travelling in the front or the back of the car
  • children under 10 years of age are prohibited from sitting in the front seat
  • age-appropriate car seats must be used for children under 10

The responsibility for ensuring that all passengers are properly restrained lies with the driver, who risks penalties of a fine of Dhs.400 and 4 black licence points for failing to observe the law.

The new laws are due to come into effect on 1st July 2017.

The move has been hailed by Dubai Police and road safety campaigners, including STS’s child road safety partner, Road Safety UAE.