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STS has joined hands with Smart Life

Why Sts?

STS recently joined hands with SmartLife, who are committed to enhancing the lives of blue-collar workers in the city through educational programmes. Our target has been to enhance the English skills of our support staff, therefore providing them with further opportunities, both professionally and personally.

All teachers are volunteers, but Manjula Ramakrishnan, who is in charge of the programme, explains: “The smile on their faces when they see our teachers in their labour accommodation or workplace is motivation enough.”

She goes on to tell us, “Students who walk in full of doubts in Class 1 are the same set of students talking ever so confidently in simple English by session 15. It is something that never ceases to fill us all with complete joy!”

Ms. Renuka Krishnan and CFO of Ingram Micro META, Mr. Krishnan Lakshman are both volunteers in the programme. The drive to give back to society and ensuring upliftment of fellow human beings is the driving force for the couple who spend their free time participating in this good cause.

In keeping with a similar sentiment Shynu Verghese and Retired IT professional and Training Specialist, Ajit Varghese are also enthusiastic teachers who are part of the programme. Ajit says Shynu has always wanted to give back to society by doing something useful instead of simply donating money and things. Ever since she stopped working she has been searching for opportunities to indulge in such activities and offered the perfect platform for them both to feel fulfilled.

The programme continues to gain popularity among more and more support staff who are enrolling in large numbers.