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STS Joins Hands with Pink It Now

Why Sts?

STS partnered with Zulekha Hospital as part of PINK IT NOW. This is a breast cancer awareness
campaign between 17th September to 9th November, that intends to inform and impart
education on the deadly disease.

The event at STS was held on 8th and 9th October where participants received a short talk on
symptoms, self-examination and detection of breast cancer by a specialist.
As against popular belief, there are many warning signs to breast cancer however they are
often overlooked by women of all ages. The campaign by Zulekha Hospitals aims to shed light
on these glaring symptoms and prevent the disease at an early stage. To facilitate the same,
they will be providing free specialist consultation and Mammograms at their hospitals in
Sharjah and Dubai.

Following the talk, our beauty partners indulged the audience and pampered them with some
relaxing short beauty treatments that included manicures, pedicures and massages. we are
proud to be a part of the initiative and pledge to continue our efforts in the direction of
awareness and education to prevent breast cancer.