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Smarter Fleet Management with Preventive Maintenance

Businesses that operate vehicles on a daily basis, understand how essential it is to keep the fleet up and running. A tyre blowout can bring productivity to a grinding halt. Deferred maintenance can also lead to reduced gas mileage due to low tyre pressure.

STS Auto Services’ fleet managers make use of predictive analytics to mitigate breakdowns and reduce vehicle downtime. By equipping vehicles with sensors, our maintenance crew collects useful information that helps them predict part failures on the fleet.

Sensors in the vehicles allow the team to collect data on tyre pressure, hydraulics, and performance of vehicle parts. The data is collated for longer-term analysis which helps fleet managers reduce their maintenance costs while improving the safety of the equipment resulting in fewer accidents on the road.

Highlights of STS Auto Services’ Preventive Maintenance:

  • Our inhouse software manages the fleet logistics to help ensure prompt and effective preventive and predictive maintenance of vehicles.
  • The system provides an effective scheduling tool for a comprehensive series of vehicle inspections and running repairs.
  • Our maintenance teams are involved in ongoing research and development in fleet management, vehicle specifications, and the latest safety features and equipment.
  • We work closely with bus manufacturers in continuing efforts to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our vehicles.
  • Vehicles we purchase exceed the regulatory requirements for the jurisdictions within which we operate.
  • Our maintenance teams work hand-in-hand with the appropriate regulatory and enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and efficiency of all equipment used.