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Best Practices for School Bus Fleet Management

More than 80,000 students across the UAE rely on STS school buses for transportation to and from school every day. Consistent performance of the school bus fleet is crucial to avoid delays in pick-ups or drop-offs due to vehicle breakdowns, thus ensuring that the bus journey is always Safe, Timely, Smart.

To enable this, our fleet managers invest in the right technology that helps not only running the fleet more efficiently, but also to be cost efficient. Here are some of the best practices we follow at STS Auto Services.

Preventive Fleet Maintenance

When it comes to facilitating school bus operations, a preventive maintenance schedule saves cost and time because a well-maintained fleet is not likely to experience breakdowns frequently. A preemptive approach is essential towards maximising uptime and ensuring safety of the fleet. In addition to tracking engine diagnostics, our managers set up service schedules with notification alerts for when a service is due, helping drivers stay on top of maintenance schedules.

Measure Fuel Usage

Our fleet managers leverage the fleet data to manage the mileage performance and reduce fuel costs. This leads to taking up measures such as installing tracking software to track idle hours and other aspects that contribute to increased fuel costs. Additionally, this simplifies the data collection process as bus drivers can log entries directly into the system.

Maximise Vehicle Lifespan

Tracking our assets can help monitor how the school buses are being used, which in turn helps make the most of the fleet. Collecting information on the distance traveled per day helps optimise the fleet’s performance, track fuel usage, and keep up with maintenance schedules; all of which are important in keeping the fleet in great condition by making it easier to spot potential problems.

Digital Fleet Management

Instead of having bus drivers fill out inspection forms, route maps, and permission slips manually, STS Auto Services uses fleet management software to help manage information efficiently. With this digital system, fleet managers track asset data in real-time, produce preventative maintenance schedules, and keep track of route maps and inspection forms. This maximises the reliability and efficiency of the fleet, keeping students safe at all times.