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STS Undertakes Deep Cleaning of School Buses

When it comes health and safety matters of our constituents and community, School Transport Services sets the bar high for excellence. As a leading private operator of transportation services in the UAE, STS has a strong commitment to the continuous improvement of its safety systems and in order to provide safe and reliable transport to children we follow a strict code to manage, maintain and sanitise our fleet of 2,500 school buses. This is our deep cleaning process for school buses.

  • All our school buses undergo a sanitisation programme prior to each trip; a minimum of two times a day.
  • The driver begins with a mandatory pre-trip inspection of the bus and follows it with thorough cleaning of the driver’s cabin including his seat, seat belt, seat buckle, RFID scanner, gear stick and steering wheel with a ministry-complaint disinfectant.
  • The bus guardian cleans and wipes down seats, seat belts, belt buckles, ledges, handrails, and door handles with a disinfectant and then the bus floor is swept and mopped.
  • Only upon signing off the Bus Cleaning Checklist can the bus undertake its trip.

While the Coronavirus spread disrupted life as we know it, it also enabled us to see where we were most vulnerable as a community and roused us to be more precautious in health and safety matters. Keeping this in mind, STS has undertaken various safety measures and actions and is following a safe system of work which is crucial to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees, which is why we carry out complete cleansing and disinfection of interiors and other frequently used parts of our buses.

Our drivers and bus guardians have been educated on personal hygiene, proper method and frequency of hand sanitisation. A briefing session on the spread of viral infections has been conducted for our service delivery executives, team leaders, foremen and other staff members. Advisory videos in English and Hindi have been propagated to cultivate mindfulness and address preventive actions and hygiene control measures suggested by government and regulatory bodies.

Even during the current months while schools and universities remain closed, STS is preparing for their eventual reopening. A fresh maintenance schedule has been instilled, wherein our school buses are undergoing deep cleaning and disinfection process twice a week. A detailed bus-wise and school-wise sanitisation plan has been initiated in preparation for start of term. A checklist for deep cleaning and disinfestation of school buses has been created as a guide for drivers and bus guardians. This new process has been implemented across all STS garages.
When schools will reopen, in addition to our standard protocol, our school buses will take on pre and post trip sanitisation programmes along with vehicle inspections a minimum of two times a day.

STS would like to assure its stakeholders that their safety and wellbeing is our highest priority. We take the welfare and safety of our students, employees and citizens very seriously and we stand firm in our approach to deliver a comfortable and safe commute. Our prime focus will always be to enable children with safe, timely and smart transportation to and from schools.

Watch our Bus Sanitisation video here: