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STS on drive live – Education matters on 103.8 Dubai eye

Over the years, authorities have launched various campaigns to ensure school bus drivers, other motorists and pedestrians follow traffic rules around school zones.

At STS, our priority has always been to provide our esteemed customers with safe and reliable transportation services. As part of our goal, we have undertaken various campaigns, in partnership with government authorities as well as private institutions.

Our Managing Director Steve Burnell made an appearance on the segment of a popular radio station 103.8 Dubai Eye’s show Education Matters. The segment titled ‘Drive Live’ goes live on a bus after school, talking to children on the way.

Steve asserted that it is a fact that bus travel is safer than a private car traveling. While speaking about the contribution of STS towards road safety Steve said, “Our drivers are professional seasoned drivers and they’ve received additional drivers licensing tests plus ongoing training and defensive road skills so they can focus on the road and traffic around them”.

At STS, we work with a large number of schools on a daily basis, providing secure transport to over 75,000 students who are all cared for beyond the time they spend in the buses. With state of the art systems in place, we have created a high benchmark in the school bus industry, unlike any other.