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School’s Nearly Out, but Stay Safe!

School’s nearly out for the summer, but don’t drop your guard

With the end of the school year almost upon us, and the summer temperatures continuing to rise, many of our children are fatigued and more tired than usual by the end of the school day. On the roads, around schools and our homes, many drivers are heading home hungry and tired from their Ramadan fast at similar times to the school bus run.

Although it may be tempting to relax the usual rules with the end of the school year so closely in sight, now more than ever it’s essential for parents, guardians, teacher and conductors to ensure that children are aware of the safety risks in and around the bus, and follow the correct procedures.

Here is a reminder of the safest way to disembark the bus so that parents and guardians can follow best practice and help educate their children to keep them safe:

• If everyone is getting off the bus, the people in the front leave first. Do not push.
• When you leave the bus, hold the handrail and take two large steps away from the bus.
• If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. Tell the driver or another adult.
• In case you need to cross a street, walk to the nearest pedestrian crossing.
• If a crossing is not available, ensure that you cross the road in front of the bus. Walk ahead at least ten giant steps (three meters) along the pavement in front of the bus. Then use the “Stop, Look and Listen” safe road crossing procedure to check for other traffic on the road, and cross only when the driver gives a signal.

For a reminder of other safety practices, see While Waiting for the School BusWhile Riding the School Bus.

Together, we can work together to keep our children safe on the roads and look forward to a long, happy summer holiday.