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A Life-Saving Drive

250 eager STS volunteers registered to be part of our latest blood donation drive on 14 and 15 May.

STS regularly hosts blood donation drives for the Dubai Health Authority to give our staff the opportunity to contribute to this noble and life-giving cause. After screening and approvals, 144 donors from STS and GEMS Education were approved for donation, providing a total in the region of 144 pints (70 litres) of life-saving blood to the blood bank.

The DHA applauded all who were involved and encouraged STS to continue supporting their work through future blood donation drives.

Did you know?

  • Donating blood takes just 8-10 minutes
  • Usually around 1 pint or 450ml of blood is taken from each donor
  • It takes just 24 hours for a donor’s body to replace the donated blood fluid
  • Each donated pint of blood can help to save 3-5 lives

If you want to do something amazing and save someone’s life, contact the Dubai Blood Donation Center at Latifa Hospital on +971 4 219 3221 or