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Cervical Cancer Awareness Drive

STS joins Zulekha Hospital’s drive to raise awareness in the UAE for the easily preventable but potentially fatal cervical cancer.



Bus conductors, female operations crew and administration staff at STS HQ, were given the opportunity to have free Pap smears and gynaecological consultations as part of a cervical cancer awareness drive lead by Dubai’s Zulekha Hospital.



Cervical cancer is caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which is easily detectable via smear or pap tests. All women are encouraged to have regular smear tests and vaccines for HPV are also available. When detected early, HPV and cervical cancer can be treated easily and recovery rates are extremely high.

“Cervical cancer can affect as many as 93 women across the UAE every year,” Zanubia Shams, co-chairperson of Zulekha Hospitals said. “The number of fatal cases among these can be as high as 28. For a disease that can be easily prevented and eradicated through regular screening and vaccinations, we have made it our goal to reach as many women in the emirates as possible.”

STS was among a number of businesses and schools to benefit from Zulekha Hospital’s annual health drive, screening women and raising awareness of cervical cancer in the United Arab Emirates. As part of the visit, our hardworking conductors and administration staff were treated to manicures and mini-massages in the office.