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6 Benefits to Riding the School Bus

If you still need convincing that taking the bus to school is a good idea, then read on…

It keeps kids more active

In the UAE, it’s all too easy to go from our homes to our cars to our schools, taking barely a step along the way. While it may not involve strenuous exercise, taking the bus to school at least involves walking to the bus stop — and for children who are going to be sitting down in lessons for most of the day every little helps.

It’s sociable

Riding to school with friends is fun! What’s more, school bus riders have a chance to mix with children of different ages. You’d be surprised how protective the bigger kids are of the little ones, and how much the little ones enjoy the chance to speak to older children. This builds confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

It encourages independence

Getting yourself on the right bus at the right time with all of the bags, snacks and school supplies that you need for the day, teaches children about self-reliance from a young age.

It’s greener

By taking the bus, your contribution to air pollution is dramatically reduced. Buses emit fewer pollutants per kilometre travelled than cars on a per passenger basis, so by taking the bus, you are helping us all breathe cleaner air.

It benefits the community

More children on the bus means fewer cars on the road. This means less traffic, lower emissions, safer roads around the schools at drop-off and pick up. The impact of your choice to use school transportation can touch many others in a positive way.

It’s better for family harmony

For many families, the start to each school day is a race against the clock — a race to get the kids up, dressed, fed and in the car, racing to get on the road before the rush hour traffic really hits, racing to get to school before the drop-off crush, and racing off again to work or whatever other appointments you have. Now, imagine a school day in which all that stress and responsibility lies with someone else. Calmer mornings, less stressed parents, happier families.